Our new Auckland/Waikato venue is Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. This high quality training facility is about the same driving time from Auckland CBD for participants as Pukekohe Park (Now closed).


National Advanced Drivers School

Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive Driver training courses


We’ve been providing defensive driver courses for private and public organisations for over 30 years.


New Zealand has a growing road safety problem. Up to 1/3 of fatalities and accidents involve people who are working at the time or travelling to work. Our Defensive Driver training courses help you protect your workforce from accidents on the roads.

NADS courses are an excellent way to assist drivers obtain the practical driving skills they need to keep them safe on the roads.

Our driver training courses are structured to help your drivers:

  • Gain insight into their driving behaviours and recognise habits and practices that may be risky.
  • Review their personal driving attitudes.
  • Understand how to avoid potential driving hazards.
  • Improve safe driving practices by reducing risk-taking behaviours
  • Encourage adopting more defensive driving approach.
  • Ensure competence in basic vehicle control.
  • Help New Zealand implement it’s “Road to Zero” strategy.

Defensive Driving Courses

We offer these courses.

DRIVE TO SURVIVE Course 1 image


Course 1

Drive to Survive (Course 1) is a practical one day course.  It teaches accident avoidance, car control and defensive driving skills. On this course drivers become aware of their abilities, shortcomings and develop new skills.  Drivers also have an opportunity to review their attitude so that they realise how this contributes to safe driving.

DRIVE FOREVER Course 2 image


Course 2

Ideal for those seeking an extension course to the “Drive to Survive” course or a refresher course. It expands on the skills learnt on the “Drive to Survive” course. With more challenging exercises and greater emphasis on the practical skills and approximate 60/40 practical to classroom ratio. There is a prerequisite that drivers must have completed “Drive to Survive”  course 1, within 3 years.



Course 3

For those seeking to expand on the skills learned in the Drive Forever, course 2 or a refresher course for those having completed course 2. This course is designed to engage smaller groups and has a 80/20 practical to classroom ratio.  Primarily designed to combine Defensive Driving with a Team Building exercise for smaller corporate groups of approximately six to eight drivers. Contact us to arrange for your group.