Our new Auckland/Waikato venue is Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. This high quality training facility is about the same driving time from Auckland CBD for participants as Pukekohe Park (Now closed).


Course 2

“Drive Forever”


The “Drive Forever” course is designed as an extension course to follow on from the “Drive to Survive” course or as a refresher course.

It expands on the skills already learned on course 1 and has more emphasis on the practical driving skills with an approximate 60/40 practical to classroom ratio.

The exercises require more space than the Drive to Survive course and can only be run safely at selected venues. 

There is a safety requirement that drivers must have completed the “Drive to Survive” (Course 1) course within 3 years.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the “Drive Forever” course is to expand upon the awareness and skills learned in the “Drive to Survive” course to produce safer drivers.

The driving exercises are more challenging and some include higher speeds which is why they are most often run on tracks.   It does not include “track driving”. The emphasis is on developing practical skills, especially cornering and improve participants understanding of vehicle dynamics.

This course challenges participants attitudes about what it means to be “a safe driver”.

  • Become a better driver

    All drivers can improve their driving, we can help.

Course Schedule

The day begins at 8:30am with registration and finishes at approximately 4:00pm with a presentation of certificates.

The course consists of a 60/40 mix of practical and classroom sessions. This course is available only at selected venues. All drivers will be fully supervised at all times and are at no time permitted to exceed highway speeds.

Course 2 - Subjects Covered

Subjects Covered

All-important subjects covered during “Drive to Survive” are revised in brief and followed up with new material, including:

  • Group review of important areas of vehicle maintenance Tyres and ABS Braking,
  • Also explanation of new the newer technologies such as ESC and how they work.
  • Review driver seating positions.
  • Advanced practical exercises covering hazard identification, searching, steering, braking, and manoeuvring.
  • Corner preparation and cornering skills including coached driving of the circuit “as a road” aimed at improving road driving.
  • Group review of Defensive Driving Principles and the Road Code
Course 2 - Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

As with the “Drive to Survive” course, each driver has several attempts at each practical exercise and is given instant feedback on every attempt. Each Driver will complete circuits with an Instructor giving them individual coaching.

Each driver will then have ample time to practice before being further coached / assessed by their Instructor.

Course 2 - Reports


Following every course, individual reports covering both the condition of the vehicle and tyres, along with a Skills Assessment covering both driver skills and attitude to driving, are mailed direct to booking coordinators.

The overall objective of the “Drive Forever” course is to expand upon the awareness and skills learned in the “Drive to Survive” (Level 1). “Drive Forever” course has a greater emphasis on practical skills, especially cornering and vehicle dynamics.

Check what dates are still available

To book places on the “Drive Forever” course, participants must have completed the “Drive to Survive” Course 1 or “Drive Forever” Course 2 within the last 3 years.

or call 0272 004 087