Several Light Bulb moments

I found the course well structured, well communicated and facilitated by knowledgeable instructors. The format and timing of the day was ideal.

I have attended a similar course in the past but found yesterday’s delivery very clear compared to the last, the content was very relevant for our new team members. Comments from our group post the event were all very positive and I observed several “light bulb” moments amongst the group regarding the emergency use of ABS. Along with vehicle maintenance and planning the team left feeling a great deal more confident in terms of what to expect and how to react in an emergency situation.

The team you have facilitating the workshop were all very knowledgeable and clear communicators, they were obviously experienced and demonstrated pragmatic approaches when answering questions.

Overall a really good day and of great value, learnings taken are very likely to be used by all members of our team that attended.

Compliments to your team.